Fayder Florez

Fayder Florez

Software Developer/
Human Behavior Student

I'm a 28 years old Colombian, living in Norway, and my experience has been mainly as a Java Web Developer. I feel comfortable working with WebApps that have a REST interface and need to persist or retrieve data; also writing scripts with Python and working on the client side logic with Javascript. Not to mention that I'm obviously open to new challenges.

Besides my programming experience, the AIESEC Experience has provided me with skills in Strategic Planning, and also with competences such as Integrity, Self-awareness and Cultural understanding among others.

I find projects that have a short or long term social contribution, very appealing and exciting to work with.

Work Experience

  • Java Developer at Sportradar
    Trondheim, Norway.
    Sep 2014 - Present

    Maintaining and extending the Java backend and database design for sending sports data to clients.

  • Software Developer at Kuehne + Nagel
    Tallinn, Estonia.
    Jun 2014 - Ago 2014

    Maintaining and adding new features for import/export of client's logistics data.

  • Software Developer at ZERO Technologies
    Tallinn, Estonia.
    Sep 2010 - May 2014

    Backend and Frontend for different RESTful web apps.

    Python scripts to make HTTP/HTTPS requests; parse HTML, XML, JSON and persist data.

    Maintaining and extending a Build Automation Tool. Developing plugins to collect statistical information and to do various processes to the binaries and artifacts being built

    Developed a Web App for filling, submitting and digitally signing applications (forms) related with financial instruments.

    Writing "developer guides" for tools like Sonatype Nexus and XEN (Virtualization)

    Maintaining and extended a Web App for managing and reviewing financial instruments for individuals and corporations.

  • Intern at ZERO Technologies
    Tallinn, Estonia.
    Apr. 2009 - Sep. 2010

    English - Estonian Desktop Dictionary App with Java Swing

    Maintaining and extended a Web App for managing and reviewing financial instruments for individuals and corporations.

    Maintaining and exteding a SOAP service for reviewing data about financial instruments


  • Universidad Tecnol√≥gica de Bol√≠var. Cartagena, Colombia.
    Bc. Systems Engineer

    I started my studies on 2004, and I finished all subjects by 2008, missing the thesis. Then I went for an internship in Estonia, and ended up having a job in ZERO Technologies, where I currently work. I only wrote and defended my thesis on 2013, and that's why I could only graduate until then.

Personal Projects

Volunteer Experience

  • AIESEC in Colombia
    Local Committee of Cartagena

    Exchanges and Information Systems Director

    Planning, Tracking and Executing AIESEC's Internship program with Balanced Scorecard
    Support and Education of AIESEC Web Tools
    Defining and Implementing a Knowledge Management System